Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's a CONTEST!!!! Southeast Idaho Photographers

Alrighty folks. Kacey and I are in need of a little inspiration. Winter can really slow things down in the photography world. Everything can get gray, and cold and wet and drab and wholey uninspiring. But guess what?! That's what we have totally awesome clients for! Watch our video and play along. Who knows, maybe it's you who becomes our next inspiring muse... you never know, until you try. :)

And don't worry, we already we know we're complete crazies. :) We like to have fun, and who can have fun without getting a little goofy, right?! Need our Facebook link? Just check out the right hand column and click on the facebook link. :) Make sure to like us and then post that video. It's super easy If Kacey and I could figure it out, then surely you can too! Have fun and we can't wait to see what you come up with!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Southeast Idaho Photographers


Well folks. It's about that time again. 'Time for what?' you may be wondering. Only our
Mini-Session Marathon!
- October 5th and 6th -
Hello! It's the session smash that EVERYONE's been waiting all year for. We've already had people calling to book their sessions. Needless to say, this is a very popular event. So, call now to reserve your session because these spots go FAST!
Re-new that family photo.
Get your Christmas card made on time this year!
Get your High School Senior pictures done.
Update those photos of your kids, or grandkids.
Get pictures of you 'n your spouse, for your house (but not with a mouse).
Treat yourself (or someone special) to some gorgeous portraits (facebook, anyone?!).
The list goes on and on... There isn't anyone who couldn't use a Mini-Session with The Frame. Catch us at this price now, while you can. It's a steal of a deal and won't last long. Here's what you get:
35 minutes with The Frame (that's TWO photographers people).
15 - 20 images on CD with a printing release.
20% off all prints (edited to perfection) ordered through us.
Beautiful, lasting memories that you can be proud to show off!
- All for only $75.00 -

I know you're thinking about it. Don't hesitate. Give us a call and book your session today!
-Kacey and Bree


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Southeast Idaho and Washington Family Photographers

post01 Aren't these some of the cutest kids ever? I mean really. I felt like I was shooting on the set of a J. Crew catalog or something. It was ridiculous! Ridiculously awesome!!!! post02 post03 post04 post05 post06
And Leslie isn't too bad looking herself! :) Honestly, she's gorgeous. Who wouldn't want to look like her?! Thanks again, Les. I always ALWAYS have a blast with you!
-Bree post08

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Southeast Idaho Wedding Photographers

    Who doesn't love a wedding?! No one, that's who. Weddings are happy. Full of love and joy. Here at The Frame, we LOVE us some weddings. We love LOVE! Robert and Maegan Hanson were married on July 28th and it was a beautiful day. These two are awesome, and Kacey and I adore them all the more because they chose to do groomals the night before!!! It was so great. Just us and the two of them. Usually the wedding day is SO rushed and the time that most couples THINK they will have to take pictures gets cut down by 75% or more. It's absolutely fabulous when we get to take time with the couple the day before. It was so much more relaxed. No hurry at all. It was wonderful, and I think that Robert and Maegan agree. post01 post02 post03 post04
Check out Robert's face in this next series. He doesn't look estatic or anything, does he?! Nope. Didn't think so. ;) These shots are almost straight out of the camera (just had to add a watermark).
The fires in the area made for some crazy beautiful haze and some stellar sunsets. Isn't the coloring fantastic?!
post06 post07 post08 post09 post10 post11 post12 post13

Very much in love, these two. I think that this last one is my favorite. The look on her face says "Uh huh. That's right. You know it."

Robert and Maegan, thank you so much for including us in your wedding. It was a blast. More pictures to come from the day of so keep posted.

-Bree & Kacey

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Washington and Southeast Idaho Family Photographers

I have to apologize to all my Washingtonians. It's been crazy getting all my editing and posting finished so naturally it's taking longer than anticipated. Hopefully by now, everyone should have their cd's. So if not, call me so I can chew out the United States Postal Service. I swear, those guys hate me...
Meet the *M* family. They're awesome! They took me to a new spot in the Harbor (which I am always grateful for). Had lots of fun checking out new spots and taking lots of awesome shots.
You guys are the greatest! Can't wait for next year ;)
P.S. Isn't Susan GORGEOUS?!! Oh man... she should seriously model.
post01 post02 post03 post04 post05 post06 post07

Washington and Southeast Idaho Family Photographers

I've several favorite families. This is one of them. Aren't they a beautiful family? You might recognize them from past posts. The lone female amidst the crowd of testosterone happens to be my gorgeous sister, Justine. Isn't she hot?! She and her husband produce the most gorgeous boys ever. It's tradition that when I go home to Washington I take pictures of their family. I do it almost every trip, I think. It's funny because she thinks that she's the one getting the deal. But, honestly... look at those faces! It's 100% my pleasure. Totally. Thanks Neen for trusting me to shoot your family! HAHAHA... get it?! Shoot your family?! Man, I'm funny.
-Bree tryptych post post03 post01 post02 post07 post06 post05 post04

Southeast Idaho Children's Photographers

My cousin has the cutest little girl there ever was. She is such a doll and has the perfect features to capture. Blonde hair, blue eyes, cute round face. HELLO! And would you believe that she now has a little sister who looks just like her!? WAHOO!
Well, once I saw little *H*'s outfit, I HAD to take her out. I took her out to a farm that belongs to a friend of the family - I knew it would be perfect. One of their lower pastures was COVERED in buttercups and it was a dream! It was quite the trek (that included hopping a fence and dodging hundreds of mounds of manure in flip-flops) but it was worth it. A couple of the horses got curious and wandered over to watch the action. It was pretty funny 'cause one of them was extra curious and kept sniffing my camera and chewing my hair (luckily he didn't eat any). Little baby girl *H* was awesome and didn't let the horses bother her. She was a trooper. Most other kids her age would have freaked (and I wouldn't blame them - horses are HUGE).
post02 post05 post01

This last one is probably one of my top favorites. Just look at her expression! Isn't it to die for?! She was so amazed at all the flowers and kept 'oooohing' and 'ahhhing' at them all. It was the sweetest thing EVER. Thanks Linds for letting me snatch your daughter for an aftertoon of fun!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Washington and Southeast Idaho Couples Photographers

Forty years and going strong. Meet my Aunt and Uncle *S*. Don't you just want to push her over! No? Well, maybe you'll change your mind when you find out that the dress she's wearing in these pictures is the VERY SAME ONE she wore on her WEDDING DAY!!! Yeah, I knew you'd change your mind. ;)Ya wanna hate her, but ya just can't. I love you Shirla and Mike! Thanks you two for asking me to do this for you, I had a blast (and I might have even got a litte choked up, too). -Bree post01 post03 post02