Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Southeast Idaho Children's Photographers

My cousin has the cutest little girl there ever was. She is such a doll and has the perfect features to capture. Blonde hair, blue eyes, cute round face. HELLO! And would you believe that she now has a little sister who looks just like her!? WAHOO!
Well, once I saw little *H*'s outfit, I HAD to take her out. I took her out to a farm that belongs to a friend of the family - I knew it would be perfect. One of their lower pastures was COVERED in buttercups and it was a dream! It was quite the trek (that included hopping a fence and dodging hundreds of mounds of manure in flip-flops) but it was worth it. A couple of the horses got curious and wandered over to watch the action. It was pretty funny 'cause one of them was extra curious and kept sniffing my camera and chewing my hair (luckily he didn't eat any). Little baby girl *H* was awesome and didn't let the horses bother her. She was a trooper. Most other kids her age would have freaked (and I wouldn't blame them - horses are HUGE).
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This last one is probably one of my top favorites. Just look at her expression! Isn't it to die for?! She was so amazed at all the flowers and kept 'oooohing' and 'ahhhing' at them all. It was the sweetest thing EVER. Thanks Linds for letting me snatch your daughter for an aftertoon of fun!

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